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Glucose Tablets


Glucose Tablets

Raise Blood Sugar FAST & Boost ENERGY

ReliOn® Glucose Tablets raise low blood sugar fast and are free of fat, caffeine, sodium and cholesterol.  They are portable and easy to carry, making it easier for patients to BE PREPARED for lows.

Many people with diabetes are not sure how to effectively avoid and/or manage hypoglycemia. The foods most commonly used to treat this condition (candy, cola and juice) contain sucrose or fructose which requires time to break down into glucose, delaying relief of hypoglycemic events. Because it is difficult for patients to be sure how much glucose they are metabolizing with these foods, they tend to over-treat, turning hypoglycemia into hyperglycemia.

Packaged in convenient "on-the-go" tubes of 10 four gram tablets or economy size bottles of 50, they’re available in several great tasting flavors: orange, tropical assorted fruit, grape, fruit punch and raspberry.  

10 ct. tube of tablets- $1.00

50 ct. bottle of tablets - $3.98

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  Please Note: all pricing subject to change.

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