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• What is Novolin/ReliOn?
• How do I store Novolin/ReliOn?
• How much insulin does each Novolin/ReliOn vial contain?

What is Novolin/ReliOn?
Novolin/ReliOn is human insulin that works to lower your blood sugar (glucose).

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How do I store Novolin/ReliOn?
There is no refrigeration needed after the first use of Novolin/ReliOn. Unused vials of Novolin/ReliOn should be stored in a refrigerator, but not in a freezer. For complete storage and handling instructions, please see the Patient Information that comes in the box containing your insulin.

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How much insulin does each Novolin/ReliOn vial contain?
Each Novolin/ReliOn vial contains 10 mL of insulin.

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Novolin® is a registered trademark of Novo Nordisk A/S.

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