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ReliOn Confirm

ReliOn Confirm is the newest blood glucose system from ReliOn, available in two colors: Beyond Blue and Perfect Pink. ReliOn Confirm is a no coding meter that requires only 0.3 l of blood. With a 360 test memory, time and date-stamp, 14 and 30-day averaging, downloading capability and an ultra-slim design, ReliOn Confirm is a state-of-the-art system designed to make blood glucose testing convenient, accurate and affordable for all diabetes patients.

ReliOn Confirm includes a newly designed lancing device that features five depth settings for less painful testing and is very easy to use. Features include:

  • No Coding required
  • 0.3 l sample size
  • 7 second test time
  • 360 test memory
  • Time and date-stamp
  • 14 and 30-day averaging
  • Validated for alternate site testing
  • Downloading capability
  • Confirming beep when blood sample is sufficient
  • Ultra-slim design
Confirm Meter - $12
Confirm/micro Strips 50 ct - $20

ReliOn Micro

The ReliOn Micro blood glucose meter provides a solution to your testing needs in one of the smallest meters on the market.

Despite its compact size, the ReliOn Micro offers all the features you would expect from a full-function meter including:

  • No Coding Required
  • Small Sample Size, only 0.3 micro liters
  • 7,14,30 day averaging
  • Pre/Post Meal Flagging
  • 50 test memory with time and date stamp
  • 5 changeable faceplates to customize the look of your meter

Compact Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

As the name states, this blood pressure unit is small and easy to use. This simple one button operation is clear and concise with its large digital display and is clinically validated for accuracy.



Click here to download product instructions.

Instant Read Digital Temple Thermometer

The ReliOn Instant Read Temple thermometer is non-invasive and features fast 6-second readings. It's conveniently designed to take temperatures while asleep and is hospital tested for professional accuracy.

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